StepOne Underwear

February 6, 2023

Super Impressed with Chris and the team. You guys are awesome!

StepOne Underwear moved to its warehousing operations to Next3pl in 2019 after realising the current setup was never going to cope with the volume and growth we knew the business were hoping to achieve. We needed to partner with a high volume 3PL that was flexible, capable and actually cared about achieving the growth with us.

We tendered out to 4 different parties and Chris/Next were a clear standout.

The relocation to next3pl was seamless, we were down less than 48 hours before shipping again, orders went out on time, and accurately from day one. Our Black Friday promotion hit unbelievable numbers, and the team worked 7 days straight to clear the volume as the orders came through with no issue at all.

We expect more growth throughout 2020 and beyond, and are so glad we made the change, I couldn’t recommend them more.