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We understand the daily challenges businesses face trying to fulfil orders on time and accurately, that’s why over 130 eCommerce brands like yours choose next3pl as their fulfilment provider in over 20 countries around the world.  



Save on Fulfilment

Low cost 3PL, specialising in eCommerce Fulfilment.

eCommerce Fulfilment

Next3pl are one of Worlds leading specialist fulfilment providers.

Lowest Cost Guaranteed

Flexible and tiered pricing for businesses of all sizes.

How it Works

As an established 3PL warehouse in Sydney with years of experience, we've covered all the bases regarding pick-and-pack services. Find peace of mind knowing we're the best 3PL providers Sydney offers! Here’s how it works.


Buy Stock

With Next3PL, you'll have the freedom to source whatever product you need, in any quantity without the logistic hassles that always seems to accompany 3PL logistics Sydney providers. We're uncomplicated, and we prefer to keep it that way.


Send to 3PL

Next, you'll send your products to our warehouse where we'll check, receipt and book them into our stock. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you, and our attentive customer service team will answer whatever questions you have regarding shipments and inventory tracking.


Sell Stock

Here comes the fun part! Our 3PL services in Sydney allows you to sell your products on any ecommerce platform without you having to worry about your stock or shipment of orders. Next3PL syncs directly to your inventory, so you'll get a notification when things start to get low. We've got your shipments covered from start to finish!


Sit Back and Relax

We'd like to officially invite you to sit back and relax, and leave the hard work to us. We'll ship your orders (SAME DAY!) accurately and directly to your customer. Not only does this timeline add to your current customer service level, but it also ensures quick and precise inventory management.


Save Money

Every time you ship with Next3PL 3rd party logistics in Sydney, you can rest easy, at least from a business perspective. With Next3PL, you're saving money on fulfilment and shipping services with our ship volume rates. Not only are we efficient, but we're also cost-effective. We've never had a client that didn't appreciate that combination!

What We Offer: A Snapshot of Our Services

Full 3PL Services

If you need third-party logistics, you're covered with Next3PL! With our assistance, you can fully outsource your fulfilment, warehouse, and shipping processes.

eCommerce Fulfilment

We'll stock, ship, and track inventory for your business with our ecommerce fulfilment services.

Pick & Pack

You send us your products (directly from your store/warehouse or your wholesaler), and we'll pick, pack and track every order you receive.

Flexible Storage

Storage is one of the most challenging components of owning an ecommerce business, and Next3PL handles it for you.

Kitting & Assembly

Kitting and Assembly is no longer the problem it once was. Next3PL can take whatever pieces are necessary and combine them into a product with its own SKU and track it all accordingly!


Our warehouse services are comprehensive and second to none. We have the high-tech software needed to house and ship your products quickly and accurately.

Inventory Management

Inventory is a massive hassle for most ecommerce businesses, especially when it comes to lack of software and lack of time. Next3PL makes it so you no longer have to worry about inventory because we'll do it for you.

Pricing Calculator (Australia)

With over 15 years experience of providing fulfilment services to businesses like yours, we have proudly held the tag line as "Australia's lowest cost fulfilment. Guaranteed". Check out how much you could be saving by partnering with us in Australia. At next3PL, we'll tailor your price based on your fulfilment requirements. However, it could vary from the amount provided by the calculator. We recommend contacting us for a quote today! Please note, this calculator is being upgraded and will soon feature multi-country and currency conversions to provide you with a greater insight to how we can help simplify your global fulfilment requirements.

How Are Your Products Mainly Picked:

Can Your Current Solution Match These Guarantees ?

Our 3 simple commitments to your business

Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee to be the lowest cost fulfilment solution in World whether comparing to your own setup or our competitors

99.9% Picking Accuracy

We guarantee 99.9% on barcoded product picking, 99.5% on non barcoded product, otherwise we wear the cost of any errors

99.9% Inventory Accuracy

We guarantee your inventory accuracy up to 99.9% otherwise we will cover the cost of any inventory issues

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What People Are Saying

Customer testimonials

Greg, Founder
StepOne Underwear

Super Impressed with Chris and the team. You guys are awesome! StepOne Underwear moved to its warehousing operations to Next3pl in 2019 after realising the current setup was never going to cope with the volume and growth we knew the business were hoping to achieve. We needed to partner with a high volume 3PL that… Continue reading StepOne Underwear

Ben Smith, COO
Athletic Greens Inc

For Athletic Greens there were a number of key elements in choosing a 3PL partner – big enough to significantly scale with our business, small enough to be rapidly flexible as our requirements change, cost effective so that we can continue to deliver value to our customers and focused on technology innovation that drives efficiency.… Continue reading Athletic Greens Inc

Betty, Owner
Major eCommerce Retailer in hair care

Next3pl have been amazing for our business, We initially approached next3pl as we were a start-up company with a big ambition. They took the time to learn about what we were looking for in the immediate and long term, and put together a competitive pricing model which allowed for the growth we were aiming for.… Continue reading Major eCommerce Retailer in hair care

Chris Caley, Co-Founder
No Pong

We have worked with Next Logistics since early 2016 and they have been one of our most trusted and valued partners from Day 1. From the outset, they made us feel like a valued client even though our volumes were very small. Today, having scaled our business significantly they still make our logistics incredibly easy… Continue reading No Pong

Alex Waldman, GM

Magnamail chose next3pl to be its 3PL partner in March 2017. This partnership has grown and has resulted in next3pl being able to pick, pack and despatch over 4,500 multi line orders per day for both our World and New Zealand customers. Next3pl was able to quickly adapt to our seasonal demands and product challenges… Continue reading Magnamail

Common Questions

We need to grow a bit more before we are big enough for 3PL

Unlike many other providers, we handle clients from as early as start up stage. If you are just starting and expecting to grow quick, or shipping more than 20 orders weekly, we want to talk to you.

We are interested, but cant really afford to outsource

You cant afford not too !! Our service is designed to specifically reduce your costs, not increase them. We guarantee to save you money by reducing your fulfilment and freight costs.

Our products are a bit tricky to pack, you wouldn’t be able to handle them

Next3pl specialise in eCommerce Fulfilment, we handle products on behalf of 100+ retailers, all at the same time. Our unique team setup allows us to handle any type of consumer product the way you want it to be handled and packed.