StepOne Underwear

Super Impressed with Chris and the team. You guys are awesome! StepOne Underwear moved to its warehousing operations to Next3pl in 2019 after realising the current setup was never going to cope with the volume and growth we knew the business were hoping to achieve. We needed to partner with a high volume 3PL that… Continue reading StepOne Underwear

Athletic Greens Inc

For Athletic Greens there were a number of key elements in choosing a 3PL partner – big enough to significantly scale with our business, small enough to be rapidly flexible as our requirements change, cost effective so that we can continue to deliver value to our customers and focused on technology innovation that drives efficiency.… Continue reading Athletic Greens Inc

No Pong

We have worked with Next Logistics since early 2016 and they have been one of our most trusted and valued partners from Day 1. From the outset, they made us feel like a valued client even though our volumes were very small. Today, having scaled our business significantly they still make our logistics incredibly easy… Continue reading No Pong


Magnamail chose next3pl to be its 3PL partner in March 2017. This partnership has grown and has resulted in next3pl being able to pick, pack and despatch over 4,500 multi line orders per day for both our World and New Zealand customers. Next3pl was able to quickly adapt to our seasonal demands and product challenges… Continue reading Magnamail